Offer Ends August 18, 2013

Welcome Freshmen/Transfer Students to  Keene State College









The textbook reservation (TBR) program is a service only available to preregistered incoming freshmen and transfer students in the Fall. If you are interested in having all of your required textbooks boxed up, charged and ready for pick-up, then this is the program for you. Registering for the textbook reservation service will also give you earlier access to our used book inventory.



        Reservation Form (TBR)

If you are a first year or transfer student who has already placed a textbook reservation please do not place an online order.



We only accept Master Card, Visa, Discover


You will need ADOBE Reader to view on-line forms.



Do I need to know my course schedule before I sign up?  No.   The bookstore will receive a copy of your course schedule directly from the registrar’s office and will pull your required books based on that schedule.  

Will I have the opportunity to buy used books?  Yes.  By signing up for this program you have earlier access to our used book inventory.   Please indicate your book preference on the form. 

What if I change my course schedule after my books have been boxed?  You will have the first 5 days of classes to return your books for full value, provided you have your SALES RECEIPT and the books are in the SAME CONDITION that they were purchased in. This year the returns period will end on Friday, August 30th

What method of payment can I use to purchase my books through the TBR program?  You have two methods of payment to choose from when filling out your form.  One is a credit card, which you must provide at the time of registering for the program.  The other method is the Bookstore Educational Credit Account (BECA).  The BECA is an account which can only be used at the bookstore and only for course materials and school supplies.  Please see the BECA brochure found in this packet for more information.



Is there a cost for this service?  Yes.  There is a $10.00 nonrefundable service fee.  This will be charged to your credit card at the time of registration. Therefore, even if you choose to pay for your books with a BECA, you must provide us with a credit card to charge the $10.00 TBR service fee to. 

If I choose to pay for my books with a credit card, when can I expect those charges to be posted to my account?  We will begin pulling books and charging accounts approximately one month before orientation. Therefore, you can expect to see your account charged for your books at that time.  Again the $10.00 service fee will be charged the day you register for the service. 

If I choose to pay for my books with a BECA, how do I go about opening that account? If you choose the BECA option on the TBR form, we will open an account in your name (must provide student ID number) and charge your books to that account.  Before your books are released to you, you must sign a BECA agreement form (see BECA brochure).   

What can I expect my books to cost?  On average the cost of textbooks is $450.00 per semester.

Will my books be delivered to my room?  No.  You will need to come to the bookstore to pick-up your box of books.  They will not be ready for pick-up until August 21st, the day you arrive for orientation, and they must be picked up by Sunday, August 25th

Will I be able to order my books in subsequent semesters using the TBR program?  No.  This service is only available in the fall for incoming freshman and transfer students.  The bookstore does have a web store, , where books can be purchased by entering in your course information and then choosing individual books adopted for that course.  Our textbook web store typically opens two weeks before the start of the semester.  Orders can be picked up 48 hours after placing the order.  The other option to purchase your books would be to come into the store with your course schedule and buy them off the shelf.

If you have any additional questions please contact us at 603-358-2245 or 603-358-2651.   We can also be reached by email at